Our service is to help support clients to meet their requests using a wide range of views. Building on long years of experience in luxury brands as a PR, we combine it with expertise ranging from Promotion and sales to branding to maximize the effect.

PR & Communication

We create each of the PR plans aligned with projects and marketing strategies by fulfilling firms’ and brands’ requests. We design action plans matching brand uniqueness by combining our broad range of networks across industries. And we execute them. We deliver the brand’s story, style, and charm of products in comprehensive ways that people want to hear, read, or see.

<Service Lineup>

PR strategy consulting and planning/ Press release creation and delivery/Creating brands documents/
Media relations/ PR events and press conference/Press trip/Showroom, renting samples/Influencer marketing


We offer sales and sales promotion support linked with PR activity to grow sales channels. We project and manage in-store and online promotions and campaigns in business partners and retail stores.

<Service Lineup>

Sales Support / Sales contact point / Sales promotion project and manage

Website & Promotion tool

The website is central in connecting firms and brands with consumers, conveying brand images and concepts. We view that the homepage plays a critical part in branding, so we take on website projects ranging from direction to production and envision the ideas using visuals and texts in simple manners.
Also, we support mail magazine distribution and newsletters to continually communicate with the homepage viewers and customers.
We help create appealing content proposals from PR points, how to tell and when to best to clients.

<Service Lineup>

Web design/Image visual design/Catalogue and flyers design/POP design/ Video production/Press kits production for media/Mail magazine creation /Mail magazine writing and production/Mail magazine delivery scheduling


In today’s trend, we recognize the importance of social media from both PR and sales perspectives. Consumers search for information on brands and products on social media, and people refer to social media content rather than official websites. So, we help produce content that shares news of brands, products, and services in ways consumers engage.
We also operate social media accounts for clients who have created them but are not using them or do not have the time to post on them.

<Service Lineup>

Social Media consulting / Contents proposal and production (visuals and texts) / Social media scheduling / Ads proposals for social media / Social media promotion / InstaLive

Event Produce

We propose, plan, and manage new product launches, corporate and brand anniversary parties, and events that attract media and voice brand images, products, services, and promotions for B to B and B to C.
We are skilled at balancing clients’ requests and budgets from small to significant events and producing ideation, finding venues, negotiations, and management.

<Service Lineup>

Events proposals and planning / Venues proposals and negotiation / Events management